Updating Website

Hello all! this is Robert, and i have been updating the site for the last few months trying to streamline and make it easier to find the information you are looking for. With that in mind and before i go in to the changes i have planed, i want to thank Sri and Vani for their help while they where in town.

so going in to some of the ideas!!

1.- Updating itinerary

At the moment we have a simple view of what to expect on your first few days when you use our services; up to the point where you attend your interview but we dont have any information about what happens next, and some good to know fact to make your trip easier expect more information about that in the next few days.

2.- Local information

Sri and Vani had the idea of adding things to do, interesting places to see, eat at, etc… with that in mind i will be adding a list of restaurants, shopping, museums and other interesting places at the 3 cities we provide service in, we hope this helps you get to know the cities better and know what you can expect when you arrive; Matamoros is going to be the first to get this treatment, followed by Monterrey and last but not least Nuevo Laredo. By the end of March Matamoros will have this info.

3.- Social Media

This one is interesting, first because we know you want privacy, but we also want you to know the location you are going to travel to. So we created an Instagram account were you will see some of the local sites around town, if anyone want to take a pic with the staff (and they let us upload) we will upload them there, also using the #mexicovisaservices you can tag us in any pics you take while you are visiting and let everyone join your experience.

For Twitter, at the moment we are still trying to figure out how to best use it, but for now it will inform you when some one arrives, get approved, and is departing. no names will be used to keep your privacy!

4.- Communication

I will try to post blog updates a few times a month just so you can have a place where you can find important information for our 3 locations

Thats all for now, follow us on instagram, tag us in any pictures you have while you visited, follow our twitter for updates, if you have any ideas to improve the site, send me an email at mexicovisaservices@gmail.com or robertofrederickson@outlook.com