How to get Brownsville, TX

Brownsville is the closest city to Matamoros, Mexico. From here, it is very convenient to enter Mexico.

By Bus

If you live in or close to Texas, you can take Greyhound. The Greyhound bus station in Brownsville is just one block from the U.S.-Mexico border.

By car

If you drive, you can park your car at UETA DUTY FREE STORE PARKING LOT for just $5 per day. Its Address is 1401 E Elizabe th St, Brownsville, TX, you have to arrive no later than 5pm, this is just one block from the Gateway International Bridge.


Also, you can park your car at hotels and garages, such as University Inn & Suite, address is 55 Sam Perl Blvd, Brownsville, TX. They charge $10 per day. It takes about 15 minutes walk to the U.S.-Mexico Border.

If you fly to the Brownsville airport, you can take a taxi about $18-20 US dollars. Have the taxi drive you to the Greyhound Bus Station on 755 International Blvd by the Subway Restaurant, and wait inside the building. Text me once you land in Brownsville, and I will start from Mexico to the U.S. to pick you up.

How to Enter Matamoros, Mexico

With the recent changes in the Mexico visa process, if you have a valid US visa you dont need a Mexican visa. Review more details here. or find the visa requirement for your country here.

For people who require Mexico visa, on your arrival day, we will stop at the Mexico Immigration Office, the officer will check your passport. You will pay $30.00 Dlls, and fill out a form with all your information. At the end of your trip before crossing into the U.S, you need to stop at this Immigration office, and return this permit/form. The officer will stamp your passport to indicate that you have left Mexico. Make sure you bring exact change for the $30.00 Dlls. Fee per-person.

For visa appointment on-line,check out this link

How to get to our hotel

I will pick you up at Brownsville and bring you to my hotel BW plaza Matamoros Mexico. Sunday-Friday, but you must arrive a DAY BEFORE your appointment at ASC.

Service Charges

Hotel Fee:
Here are the information on how we charge hotel fees:

1. Service fee for one person and two nights is $240.00 plus 16% tax. Breakfast is included for 1 person.

2. If two person would like to share one room, and both are getting their visas, the two night rate is $390.00 plus tax 16%.

3. If there are two persons but only one person is getting his visa, the two nights rate is $300.00 plus 16 % tax.

4. If you have to stay a third night or more, the hotel fee for 1 person $69.00 plus tax, hotel fee for 2 persons $79.00 plus tax PER NIGHT.

5. No charge for 1-2 children under 10 years old in the same room. They will only pay for their meals in the restaurant. A THIRD CHILD WILL PAY $30.00 DLLS.

We accept cash, Visa, MasterCard.