Visa Payment Explanation

Example of E3 visa summary

Us Consulate fee (shown on website) = $205
the amount shown is taking in to consideration that days exchange rate, they use a higher exchange rate than the one we are able to get localy. at the moment the exhange rate that is being provided localy is 19 pesos for every dolar, they are showing prices with a rate of 22.50.

205X22.50=$4612.50 (aproximate to the amount shown on MRV)

since payment cant be made in dolars at the bank we need to change them into pesos. at the moment local exchange rate is at $19


as you can see, the amount shown to you on the Consulate website, after exchange rate. doesnt cover the actual amount that needs to be paid. the difference is $717 pesos, about $38

That is why there is a $30 visa application fee

Service price diference from show consulate prices is as follows

  • $50 service fee
  • $30 application fee

Aditional on the same MRV is $50 each

  • $20 service fee
  • $30 application fee