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  • Phone number:

  • Number of persons (Adults & Kids):

  • Age of kids: 

  • Date of arrival:

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Please send your details to the follows  e-mails:




We will send to your e-mail the reservation and confirmation number for hotel accommodation and pick up time in Brownsville, Tx.

– Hotel reservations can be changed as per your visa interview dates without any extra charge.

If you decide to cancel your reservation,
You will have to pay a cancellation fee of $ 25.00 U.S. DLLS.


During the stay in our hotel, we provide you the following services:

  • First Day – Pick You Up: On the first day, I will pick you up in Brownsville, Tx, stop at the Mexican Immigration Office at the International bridge to get a 7 day permit (If you need it) then drive you to our Best Western Plaza Hotel in Matamoros, Mexico. The Arrival time should be in the day-time between 12 noon and 6 pm.

  • Second Day – Drive You For Taking Fingerprint and Photo: On the second day, I will start at 07:45 am, I will drive you to the ASC office for fingerprinting and taking photo, wait for you outside the ASC Office, then drive you back to the hotel.

  • Third day – Drive You For The Interview, Getting Back Visa Stamped Passport, and Returning to US: On the third day, at 07:15 am in the morning, I will drive you for your  U.S. Consulate Interview appointment. I Will drop you in the U.S. Consulate, Once you are done I will pick you up then drive you back to the hotel. If you get approved, which most people have, I will drive you to pick up your Visa Stamping and your passport at 03:00 pm in the afternoon. Please remember, before that, you will need to check out of the hotel at 2.00 pm. Once you have received your passport, I will drive you to the U.S.-Mexico border, before crossing into the U.S, you need to stop at the Mexico Immigration office, and return the 7 day permit (If you got it) .  You need to walk to the U.S.-Immigration Office that is only 100 yards away. Just for your information, waiting time in this office is always unknown, usually takes 2-4 hours.

  • We also provide printer service for our customers for a small fee.