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  1. Who ever is planning to go to Mexico for US Visa Stamping, You should use Mr.Salvador Services, HANDS DOWN he is the best. I am a big critic I normally dont appreciate things that easily but here i am writing this review because I was amazed to see the level of commitment & dedication Mr.Salvador has put in to build his service.

    Thursday: Feb 26th 9pm (Location – Matamorous, ASC)
    Friday : Feb 27th 8am (Location – Matamorous, Consular Interview)
    Monday : Mar 02, Received Passport @ 12.30pm @Matamorous DHL Office.

    – My journey started with flying to Brownville,TX on Feb 25th evening. I took an UBER to the location where Mr.Salvador told he would meet & pick up (Uber cost: $12). Mr.Salvador was already waiting.

    – Mr.Salvador drove me into the Mexican border and took us to the Mexican Immigration Officer, I got a Mexican Pemit and paid $30, which is typically valid for 7days (NOTE – I already had a Mexican Visitor Visa but still had to take this permit, I know a person who was with me also had a valid H-1B visa but still had to take this permit, If ur in this situation just apply for the permit). The whole process took less than 15min


    – Mr.Salvador later took me to Best Western Matamorous, It was ~7pm when I checked into the hotel and ordered some Indian Food from the Hotel’s Kitchen. Food was good and the hotel has an Indian menu which serves Veg & NonVeg.

    – ASC was scheduled at Feb 26th 9pm but Mr.Salvador took us at 8am and due to his contacts inside we got our FingerPrinting done by 8:25am, Unlike other services guys were waiting in line.
    – Consular Interview was scheduled at 8AM, I was the first guy and my interview was done by 8:20AM.
    Question 1 : Show me your Passport
    Question 2 : How long are u in US and how long are you working for your Employer
    Question 3 : Show me all your I-797’s
    Question 4 : Your Visa is Approved.
    – Mr. Salvador picked me at 8:30am.

    – I got an email @12:20pm on 03/02 (Next Business Day) from DHL that my passport is ready for pickup, Mr.Salvador’s assistant helped us pick up the Passport.
    – I checked out of the hotel & A Salvador’s assistant took us to Mexican Immigration officer where I surrendered Mexican Permit, Took like 5 min and he dropped me at the border.
    – It took me ~3hrs to cross the border.

    I loved my stay, Its like a mini vacation , Mr. Salvador’s provided pick up/drop service to various restaurants, Here are my top restaurant pics:
    – La Cancillería (Best Food/Drinks, Better than US) : This is a very upscale restaurant, You need to dress up (COST 3 DRINKS/Main Course $25)
    – La Traviata Restaurante (Good Veggie Food + Refreshments) :
    – Mi Pueblito (Good Local Food)
    – El Vagón Negro (Coffee Shop)

    As per the Service Agreement, Mr. Salvador services end when they drop you at the Border. I was dropped at ~1:45pm and it took me close to ~3 hrs to cross the border. On the US side Uber/LYFT APP’S said there were no drivers around, I was running short as i had 45min to Board my flight from Brownville Airport. Call it co-incidence or a miracle, Mr. Salvador was driving that way, He stopped and quickly dropped me at the Airport. He was like a GOD SEND that moment.

    So here is why I would recommend
    – Mr. Salvador is highly professional what ever he recommends, Just follow as he knows the current trends.
    – Mr. Salvador makes sure you are safe and guides you properly throughout your duration of stay.
    – Mr. Salvador has many internal contacts so in a way it aids your process.
    – Mr. Salvador treats women with extreme respect.

    THE END.

  2. Salvador is the great person and their services are excellent. He is so flexible to accommodate our schedule.Hotel accommodation is nice. He is sincere and took care of all the things needed for Visa and stay in Mexico.He took care of us like family members by giving security and transportation on time. We strongly recommend Salvador and team services those who come for Opt for Mexico stamping.

  3. My family and I enjoyed the services of Mr. Salvador. Someone had recommended him, and he was very responsive and supportive even before we started filling our DS-160 forms 😊. I was very concerned about the security issues I had heard, but Mr. Salvador was always there to calm my doubts. We drove from Houston early Wednesday morning, got to Brownsville (about 5hrs drive) and Mr. Salvador was waiting to pick us up that morning. He drove us into Mexico, we got our Mexican 7 days pass (it was $30 each) and he drove us straight to his hotel (Best Western). We had our fingerprint and capturing scheduled for Thursday 9am – Mr. Salvador took us there and brought us back (took about an 1hr at the appointment, his hotel is ~5 mins drive from everywhere we needed to go) to the hotel. Friday 8am was our interview, Mr. Salvador took us there and his assistance brought us back (spent about 90 meetings from when we got in through checking of documents and necessary payments to getting out of the building), we collected our passports same Friday at about 3pm – Mr. Salvador’s assistant took us there and when we picked up our passports, he drove us to the border and we crossed over, headed to our car (about 1 mile walk), paid about $25 for parking and headed back to Houston.
    Overall, it was a great experience… Mr. Salvador was an awesome host, his hotel staffs were caring and had plenty of smiles; the US embassy staffs were very professional, kind and understanding.
    I have recommended the services of Mr. Salvador to a lot of people already and I look forward to going to Matamoros again.

  4. I’m glad I chose Salvador and his team to provide services during my H1B stamping at Matamoros. Pickup and drop off services were excellent and they were always on time. My accommodation at his hotel Best Western was good. His restaurant team was nice and I liked their fresh juices, breakfast, seafood and soups. I had my ASC finger printing on Friday and interview on Monday and got my passport back on Tuesday. I would recommend Salvador and his team to anyone who is looking for services at Matamoros and Monterey. Thank you very much Salvador and team!

  5. Salvador and his team are great! Salvador gave me ride from Brownsville,TX and helped get temporary Mexico visa at the border. His hotel Best Western has nice staff and good chef in the kitchen. I went for finger printing – ASC appointment on Friday and Visa interview on Monday in Matamoros,Mexico. Please note that it is not same day passport pick up currently. I was able to pick up my passport on Tuesday at DHL office. Salvador’s assistant gave us ride to both DHLoffice and to the border. Overall, it was a pleasant experience for the 3rd time for me in Matamoros, Mexico. Thank you Salvador & team!

  6. Salvado has a excellent team at Monterey and matamoros. They take care of me starting from Brownsville to Monterrey. They take are of purchasing my bus tickets and picking and dropping to consulate.

    Wish them best of luck.

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