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  1. Excellent service by Salvador and his team !! I was there in Mexico for 6 days and I don’t have any complaints or recommendations for Salvador. Keep up the great work !!


  2. It was a wonderful experience, Salvador and his team took proper care of us from start to finish anc provided us excellent customer services. 5 stars to the team. Highly recommend to avail his services.


      1. Hi Salvador,
        My wife would like to change her status from F1 to J1. What is the visa success rate for this change of status. Please let me know
        thanks in advance


      2. Hi Salvador, I’m looking to get a guidance on getting stamping from Mexico. My h1b extension got rejected and my i94 is expired as well. My new employer has filed for H1b. When my h1b is approved, is it possible for me to come to Mexico to get the stamping? I have valid Indian passport. Could you please let me know? I appreciate your help.


    1. Hi Salvador,
      My wife would like to change her status from F1 to J1. What is the visa success rate for this change of status. Please let me know
      thanks in advance


      1. Sharing our Visa Stamping experience with Salvador and their staff in Matamoros.

        Salvador and his staff were wonderful and took care of every minute requirements. Salvador was kind enough to pick us from across the border, got our Mexico permits and dropped at hotel.
        Salvador personally dropped us at Finger printing and waited for us outside until we got finished with our appointments.
        Next day, Salvador’s assistant dropped us at the visa consulate in the morning for the interview and they waited for us until we finished our interview.
        Since we also received a 221g, Salvador’s team was kind enough to take us to consulate every day.
        After we received our visa, Salvador personally dropped us back at the border.

        This was a wonderful experience and we appreciate the hospitality at the hotel as well.
        The hotel staff were very kind in obliging our requests – right from morning breakfast,lunch and dinner, ordering pizza from outside, and at times giving a ride to pick food from outside.

        Overall, it was a smooth ride with no hassles. Many thanks for all the help!
        You rock – Salvador and Team!!!!


  3. Excellent service by Salvador and his team all through my stay in Mexico for 2 days. Right from the time of pickup from Brownsville till the drop off at the Mexico border, Salvador has taken very good care and made sure my stay was very comfortable. Thanks Salvador!!!


  4. Excellent services by Salvador and team by making the stay very comfortable and been there with us through every step of the stamping process. It would not have a smooth way without you. Thanks Salvador!!


    1. just follow instructions on my website:

      If you have any questions you can call me today at
      9: 00 a m cst
      My U. S. Phone:


  5. Category: H1 and H4 extension together
    We got our stamping done on March 28th.
    We were asked below questions/ documents during interview.

    #Whom do you work for?
    #Asked for marriage certificate
    #Do you have 140 on file?
    #Who is your client?
    #Asked for client letter
    #Highest degree of education?
    #Where did you get your degree?
    #Where do you work?
    #What is your annual salary?
    #What are your job duties?
    Then VO took our fingerprints and said visa is approved.
    We were given an access pass(yellow slip) to collect passports in the evening.

    @Port of Entry:
    It took around 90 minutes to get our I-94.
    #What do you work as?
    #where are you heading to?
    #what is your address?
    Then took us to different counter for payment.($6 each)

    Salvador is a very nice person and he was very helpful. He answered all our questions with lot of patience and took good care of us. He guided us well right from getting Mexico permit till dropping us at Port of entry.
    Apart from that it was very nice of him take us around In Matamoros and to explain its history. He also took us to a musical concert which we thoroughly enjoyed.
    Julio and hotel staff were also very helpful.
    Especially kitchen staff were so nice that they have customized some items to our needs. We really liked the breakfast.

    Thank you @Salvador & staff for your services.
    Totally It was a great experience for us and I would highlyr recommend Salvadorā€™s services.


    1. Great service from Salvador and team.
      Hereā€™s my interview process.
      Document verification before the interview:

      Visa interview:
      1. Can I see your passport ?
      2. Can I see your client letter and I140 ?
      3. Who is your employer?
      4. What is your pay?
      5. What is your job title?
      6. Can you explain your job duties in 2 lines?
      7. Whatā€™s your highest degree of education?
      8. Was it in India or United States?
      9. Where do you currently live ?
      10. How long have you been with the employer and this client ?
      11. Did you sell any used cars or jewelry?
      12. Have been to Middle East recently ?

      Your visa has been approved, come back at 3pm to pick up your passport.


  6. Hi Salvador,

    good morning

    my i-94 & passport expired on june 01 2019 but my visa(I797-A) expires on OCT 2019. i have new passport. could you please help me how to update my I-94 status


  7. I am Dr. Abhishek Roy – an Indian citizen (TCN), working in San Jose, under O-1 US Visa since August 2018. My Indian passport, along with O-1 US Visa, went on missing by the United States Postal Service (USPS) during its return from Czech Embassy Los Angeles (around 9th-10th July).
    I reported the San Jose police station and got the official police report. As I am having an urgent official travel to Europe, on August 24, I am requesting if I can get my O-1 visa stamping in any US Embassy in Mexico. Please let me know if it is possible.


  8. Here is my Experience in Matamoros location:

    09/30 Finger print – It took only 5 mins.
    10/01 Visa Interview: VO asked only couple of questions like Role and Employer letter.
    10/02 Status Changed to Issued
    10/07 Passport received at DHL location.

    Coming to Salvador’s service, he and his team are excellent in what they are doing, i didn’t see single concern while i was staying at Best western Hotel. Salvador is very patience in answering all our questions either is related to Visa service or anything.

    Best western Hotel offers even Indian food (Veg and Non-veg) for lunch and dinner, it tastes really good.

    At last thank you once again Salvador, Julio and entire staff for making our stay most memorable one. Will recommend your service to my friends and colleagues.


  9. Awesome service by Salvador and his team !! The team took great care of us. I was there in Mexico for 7 days and did not have to worry about any logistics for visa related activities. Keep up the great work !!


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