Transfer us your Visa fee to our U.S. Corporation “SC BORDER SERVICES LLC”   thru Zellepay using our hotmail address ( as reference, add both your name and PIN number.




  • 1 person $240.00 U.S. Dlls + Taxes

“That covers a reservation for 2 nights stay at Best Western Hotel, pick up in Brownsville, Tx and breakfast” (Lunch and Dinner are on your own)

  • 2 persons $379.00 U.S. Dlls + Taxes

“That covers a reservation for  2 nights stay at Best Western Hotel and pick up in Brownsville, Tx. and breakfast (sharing the same room)” (Lunch and Dinner are on your own)

  • 2 Persons $300.00 U.S. Dlls + Taxes (Only one for stamping)

“That covers a reservation for 1 or 2 nights stay at Best Western Hotel and pick up in Brownsville, Tx. and breakfast (sharing the same room but only one is getting his visa)” (Lunch and Dinner are on your own)

If you have to stay a third night or more the hotel fee for 1 person is $59.00 + Tax(16%), hotel fee por 2 persons is $69.00 + Tax(16%)per night

1-2 children up to 10 years enter free. 11-16 years will be paying $30.00 each.




Get assistance from U.S. Consulate
Dial direct from U.S.A. to Mexico
011 52 868 206-1011
011 52 899 171-4632
011 52 899 171-4633

Links for applying visa
Website for DS-160
Website for making visa appointment.

Please choose MEXICO, MATAMOROS when you select location.

Note: I am not attorney. Our services only include lodging, transportation and logistics. For any questions related to the legal processing of your visa, you need to hire an attorney.

1. Complete DS160 at
2. After completing DS160 you have to take an appointment at U.S. consulate in Matamoros
“In order to make quick appointments, you don’t need to complete the DS-160 form. Although the website directs you to follow the sequence,all you need is
to create one DS160 assigned applicant ID and remember the number. All you need is the applicants ID number to fix the appointment. After you able to schedule your appointment later please make Sure to complete the DS 160 form as soon as possible. There is a 72hr activation time before the scheduled appointment.”
3. Create an account at to generate VISA fee and then make an appointment
4. Print the VISA payment instructions with the payment PIN to be payed at a bank in Mexico
5. Send the U.S. VISA APPLICATION FEE (MRV) as a PDF attachment to my email: / /
6.Transfer money for Visa Fee using ZELLE (No need to mail check)  “SC BORDER SERVICES LLC” CHASE BANK IN BROWNSVILLE
USE REFERENCE:, and add your PIN number and Name to be able to identify your transfer.
Cancellation policy :
If we receive your money and we have not paid your U.S. Visa Application fee (MRV) at the local bank,  there will be a cancellation fee of 8%  
If  the U.S. Visa Application fee (MRV) payment is already made this is non-refundable by the U.S. Department of State as well our charges are not refundable.


H1B – H4B Visa Fee Payment Working Visa

1 Person: $260.00 U.S. Dlls.
  2 Persons: $495.00 U.S. Dlls.

(1 Pin Number all family members, 2 different pins $260.00 each)

F1 – F2 Fee Payment Student Visa

1 Person: $225.00 U.S. Dlls.
2 Persons: $445.00 U.S. Dlls.

(1 Pin Number all family members, 2 different pins $225.00 each)





USE REFERENCE:, and add your PIN number and Name



By submitting this form:

You authorize to pay the U.S. VISA fee on your behalf
You agree this will be a nonrefundable payment

Cancellation policy :

– If we receive your money and we have not paid your U.S. Visa Application fee (MRV) at the local bank,  there will be a cancellation fee of 8%

– If  the U.S. Visa Application fee (MRV) payment is already made this is non-refundable by the U.S. Department of State as well our charges are not refundable.

U.S. Visa Application Fee (MRV) Cash Payment Instructions

Text Message or WhatsApp
U.S. Cell Phone 956 545 5255 Salvador Castaneda
+01152 868 830 0099 Julio Hernandez 
+01152 868 180 8033 (Front Desk 24 Hours)





111 thoughts on “HOME

  1. Hello,
    My interview was on April 10, ASC April 9.
    Interview questions..
    1) Employer name
    2) End Client
    3) Job Title
    4) Job duties
    5) Masters Major
    Interview was less than a minute.

    Salvador helped me from picking up from Brownsville, accommodation at his hotel (Best Western) with free yummy breakfast and high speed internet. Very safe location.
    Took me to asc(finger prints), visa interview, passport pickup and dropped me off at US border.

    Overall great service, Mucho Gracias Salvador!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Hi Salvador,
    Thanks for your help and guidance from the past 6 years ,it was very plesent to me and my family for recent trip on Apr 17 th for visa interview at Matamoros . I highly recommend to utilize Salvador services, people who are intent to go for visa stamping at Matamoros with family and single ,without second thought .I wish you a good health so that you can be more active and serve many more in future.

    With regards
    Ganesh and family 👨‍👩‍👦‍👦🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻


  3. This is a great website with all relevant and required info to get US Visa stamping quickly and safely.
    Salvador will pick you up from Brownsville Greyhound bus stop and once you get Visa, drop you off at US border. Very helpful and great service.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. My interview was on June 12th, 2018. Salvador was very attentive and took good care of us during the stay.

    During the interview questions asked:
    Who do you work for?
    What is your pay?
    How long have you been working for this company?
    Job description
    Clients names
    Highest degree and university name

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Hello,
    My interview was on June 19th and ASC – June 18th – Direct client
    Interview questions..
    1) Employer name
    2) Job Title
    3) Job duties
    4) Masters Major
    5) I140 Approved?
    6) show me i-140 document?
    7) your visa is approved
    Interview was less than a minute.

    Salvador helped me from picking up from Brownsville, accommodation at his hotel (Best Western) with free breakfast and high speed internet. Very safe location. you can request to make chicken biryani too ;P

    Took me to asc(finger prints), visa interview, passport pickup and dropped me off at US border.

    Overall great service, Mucho Gracias Salvador!

    Best service from salvador and company!

    Thanks again

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Best Service. Don’t even think about 221g. Go happily like a vacation. Everything is fine. Salvador will take care of information, Rooms and transportation

    Liked by 1 person

  7. Hi Guys,
    My interview was on July 17th , finger print July 16
    Interview questions..
    1) Employer name, how long have you been with your Employer
    2) what do you do , job role explain.
    3) What is your salary.
    4) what is your work location.

    Interview was hardly a minute.did not ask any documents.

    Note : non-computer science background people had few more questions and considerably longer interviews. But every one was issued a visa.

    Salvador and the hotel staff showed great hospitality. Salvador takes care of every thing , picking you up from Brownsville and all the transportation in matamoros making it look so simple, believe me it actually is not. The hotel is a Pretty decent, good news they learnt how to make Biryani and verities of fried rice. So you get indian food at the restaurant.

    Port of entry :
    The wait time was too long 4 hours for us. so be prepared.
    Interview was long , I was asked to show all the documents.
    1)Employment verification letter
    2)Client / vendor letter
    3)drivers licence
    4) pay stubs / recent w2
    5) iD card.
    6) i797A
    7) explain the job role

    Salvador and staff, thank you for wonderful experience.

    Liked by 1 person

  8. Hi

    Salvador came to pick me from university inn hotel and to Mexico hotel and then for the Mexico permit.
    Next day we were taken to finger print on time and he was waiting out for us. While his assistants were droping is back to hotel.
    Same next days for visa interview dropping and pickup.
    Very safe location. Nice pool and breakfast was good.
    Final day took to Mexico border for Mexico out stamp and then dropped at biorder check post.
    We need to walk through the check post to reach port of entry station and get i94.

    Thank you Salvador for service.

    **Interview was fast and asked general questions an check docs** so if we have all documents it’s good****

    Liked by 1 person

  9. My experience with Salvador and team.
    I really appreciated the service provided to me by Salvador. He picked me up from the US Mexico border and dropped me at the hotel. The next day he drove us to ACS, He was extremely organised to begin with and a great person to chat with. He was very knowledgeable of the area and assisted us with every little thing. At the end of my stay, he also dropped me back to the border. I was impressed with his service attitude and personality. Overall, I had a great great experience.

    Liked by 1 person

  10. If you are planning to goto stamping in Matamoros, Mexico with kids, then I would definitely recommend you to contact Salvador and his team. I went to Matamoros with my 4 years old son and a big thanks to him and his team for making my visa stamping experience very easy. Salvador is very committed and punctual person. Right from arrival to exit he made us feel home. His hotel is very clean and food was great. He and his team provided continuous transportation to/from consulate and hotel on time. Personal attention was given to each individual and families. He and his team guided us with all the information needed and answered questions with lot of patience. I would definitely recommend to approach him if you ever plan to go for visa stamping in Matamoros. Great team!!!! Good luck everyone 👍

    Liked by 1 person

  11. That was excellent hospitality and hosting throughout by you and your team. My family thoroughly enjoyed the trip and loads of stories to share with our friends about the trip to Mexico. I recommend everyone for sure to avail the Visa stamping service and best hotel stay experience provided by you.

    Liked by 1 person

  12. Hi All,

    Wanted to share my experience of the H1b Visa interview at US consulate in Matamoros, Mexico (With Salvador’s service).

    First of all thanks to Salvador and team, they are always there to help you out with any thing you may need help with in Matamoros (Not Legal advise).

    I had an interview on 29th/ 30th Oct 2018, I am on H1b, this was my second stamping (first stamping was done in home country).

    The reason I chose Mexico for stamping was- I did not had enough time to visit home country and in case of 221(g), sometimes it takes several months to get it resolved, back in home country and that may not happen here at Mexico (Not guaranteed! it varies from case to case)

    Visa Interview question-
    I am on Employer-Vendor- Client model.

    1- Employer Name?
    2- Client Name?
    3- Work Location Client?
    4- How long you have been with current employer?
    5- Previous client name?
    6- Any gap between previous and present project?
    7- Highest degree? Masters
    8- Master’s in ?
    In case of approval they give a “Access pass” Yellow colored paper, which can be used to pick your stamped passport from the same office on the same day at 3:00 PM or next day.

    Make sure you have good enough reasons in case you have DUI ticket or any other police records. (I did not have) and make sure you keep all your documents from start till end. (Visa or Education, work related…etc, everything!)

    Port if entry questions-
    I had POE experience just as Visa interview.

    1- Employer Name?
    2- Show Offer Letter
    3- Employer and Client location?
    4- Where do you stay?
    5- Address proof?
    6- Job Duties?

    They did ask others to show their I-797 with previous employers and employment history.

    After exploring Mexican food outside, I was kinda disappointed but I loved Salvador’s Motel kitchen food (MEXICAN), that was amazing specially the sauces they serve (Read and green).
    Feel free to explore outside food.

    Thanks again to Salvador and team for being there before time for everything.


    Liked by 1 person

    1. Deepak, Thanks for the valuable information. “Any gap between previous and present project?”, for this question what’s if there is like week gap?


  13. Thank you Salvador and team for their great service. He picked me up from the US Mexico border and dropped me at the hotel. They were with us all the time whenever we needed their service (ASC finger prints and visa interview pickup and dropoff). I strongly recommend their service. We are 19 people who attended the interview through Salvador, all of them got approvals without any issues.
    Here is my interview experience:
    14th Nov 2018
    Who is your employer?
    How long with your employer?
    Employer location?
    Highest degree?
    Previous employer? How long with previous employer?
    Why did you leave your previous employer?

    Liked by 1 person

  14. Salvador Castañeda

    I am thinking to schedule my dates for H1B visa stamping. Can you please let me know to which airport location in need to book the flight ticket and i read that you will pick us from airport and coordinate.

    Can you please suggest guideline to plan my trip ASAP.


    Liked by 1 person

  15. We went to Mexico on 16th December 2018 for h1b visa and it was very fruitful. Just trust this guy and go everything will be fine. Not too many questions asked at the interview. Should be easy one.

    Thank you Salvador for taking care of us. You and your team are so nice and awesome.

    Liked by 1 person

  16. Hi All,

    I am here to share my experience I had in Matamoros, Mexico.

    Just a thanks would be a simple word to Salvador. Salvador deserves more than that.

    Me and our friends had a wonderful time here in Best Western Hotel in Mexico.

    Salvador picked us from Brownsville to Mexico and dropped us after the stamping is done.

    Food is really nice in Best Western{especially Jalapeno pickle, Indians would really love this especially}

    This also is safest place near by the border to stay.

    From the day of I have started initiating the stamping process, Salvador helped us in all the possible ways he could.

    Its just 5 min drive from Best Western hotel to ASC(Biometrics) and US Embassy. Salvador picked up and dropped us back on/before time.

    My Visa interview questions.
    1. Who is your employer ?
    2. Who is your End-Client ?
    3. What is your designation ?
    4. What are your roles and responsibilities ?

    **Visa Approved**

    Also learned a bit of Spanish with help of Google !!

    Muchas gracias por brindar sus servicios a Salvador

    Best Regards,

    Liked by 1 person

  17. I did the visa interview here, Salvador helped me pay my visa fee, cross the border arrange hotels and drive me to the consulate. Great guy and great service, highly recommended.

    Liked by 1 person

  18. I have completed my visa stamping in Mexico Matamoros in last week. My visa got approved. I am working as contractor to my client.

    Document asked me:
    1. Approval Letter.
    2. End client Letter.
    3. Employer letter.

    The question asked me:
    1. Employer name
    2. End Client name, what type of business my client does
    3. My role
    4. Location of staying
    5. Client location
    6. How much i am making

    In our batch, No one get 221G. Only one denial who has converting from F1 to H1. I suggest people who are converting from F1 to H1, better to go their home country.

    Liked by 1 person

  19. Hi,
    I went to Matamoros center for L1B Blanket visa extension.
    1. You need to get either permit or visa for visiting Mexico. Salvador will help to get permit. Make sure the officer stamps your passport in Mexico for entry and exit.
    2. Officer asked only for 3 copies of Form I129S and had to pay US $500 as a fraud prevention fee. Can be paid in US $ or using VISA/Master card.
    3. Questions asked – How many years of experience? How many years of offshore experience? What do you do for X company?
    4. On return, we need to walk over the bridge. Got to pay exactly 4 US$ quarters (they don’t accept card or 1 dollar bill) to the security for opening the gate to enter US.
    5. During Immigration, got to pay US $6 to the officer for each passport.
    6. Food in the Best western hotel is ok and I would recommend to go for Veg options.
    7. We could buy water in a near by shop for $1
    8. Mexican peso will be required only if you plan to do shopping. Hotel food/stay can be paid using CC but conversion charges apply.


    Liked by 1 person

  20. Amazing service from Salvador, he took care of right from parking my car, getting visitor visa for a week to dropping us in the boarder after collecting our passports from US consulate.

    Also, good rooms to stay, great food both Mexican and Indian and options for vegetarians too.

    I strongly recommend anyone planning to visit Matamoros for stamping to take Salvador’s service.

    Thank you, Salvador.

    Keep quarters for $1 per person, you would need while you getting back into USA.


  21. It was safe and pleasure trip to Matamoros, Mexico under guidance of Salvador and his team.
    I strongly recommend using services provided by Salvador as it helps bridge the language barrier while his hotel offers a homely stay and also palatable vegetarian meals.

    Thank you Salvador and team for all your help.


  22. It was safe and pleasure trip to Matamoros, Mexico under guidance of Salvador and his team.
    I strongly recommend using visa stamping services provided by Salvador as it helps bridge the language barrier while his hotel offers a homely stay and also palatable vegetarian meals.

    Thank you Salvador and team for all your help.


  23. Hi Salvador,

    My H1 I-94 is expired in december 2018 and i am on h1 RFE now. If my renewal rejects, i am planning to attend H4 stamping in Matamoros since my wife has valid h1. Question is, can i get Mexico visit visa for 7days one on expired I-94?

    Appreciated your response.


  24. Currently, i am in Dallas, TX and i am on H1b visa and received RFE and I-94 is expired in december, 2018.

    If my RFE response gets rejects, i am planning to visit Mexico and attend h4 stamping since my wife is on h1.
    If it approves, will attempt h1 stamping.

    In first case, can i visit Mexico on expired I-94 or i need to get any Visa prior to visit Mexico?


  25. I was a bit cautious due to various things I heard from close circles regarding the location and advisories. I had a 2 year old kid and I didn’t want to take chance traveling with my family.

    Having trust in Salvador, due to recommendations from my friends, I traveled to this location. Rest assured, Salvador took good care of us. The accommodation was decent. There is a restaurant on-site to have food within the hotel. We were accompanied by one of the staff members, if we felt unsafe to go outside (during night) for getting stuff from stores. We felt safe and secure. We thought, we heard exaggerated versions regarding the location and safety. Salvador and his team would try to make the experience as smooth as possible.

    I would recommend their services for families or singles planning to come to Matamoros.

    Thank you again Salvador and Team!


  26. Awesome service from Salvador, his team and hotel/restaurant staff. Appreciate all your help and facilitation for smooth stamping with my family.
    I strongly recommend his service… Salvador is very professional and friendly guy…


  27. I had Interview on March 28th 2019.
    Below were the questions asked.
    1) End Client Letter and I797
    2) Who is your employer?
    3) Who is your Client?
    4) What is your course of Study?
    5) What is your Salary?
    6) What are your job duties?

    Salvador takes care of everything right from paying the MRV fees for the visa dates to Dropping us back at the border- You just have to attend the interview.
    His Service is very good and professional.
    – Mucho Gracias – Salvador
    – Good Luck!


  28. Had my visa interview on March 28th, was about 3 mins and it was smooth.
    Questions asked..
    1) End Client Letter
    2) Who is your employer?
    3) How long with the employer?
    4) Who is your Client?
    5) How many years with the same client?
    6) What is highest degree?
    7) What is your Salary?

    The VO is familiar about the place I live/work. Talked a bit about it.

    Salvador is a great guy and his service is very professional. He took us to a seafood restaurant, food was amazing. He also took us to a musical event performed by the locals, enjoyed it thoroughly.

    Thank you Salvador, appreciate all the help!

    Good luck everyone!


  29. Hi All,

    Can some one please answer my questions.

    1. my current H1B expires in sept 2019 & I recently got my H1B extension approved and it starts from sept 2019- sept 2022. so do I need to use my latest H1B to fill my DS 160 form..?

    2. Regarding client letter I have email from my manager explaining about the position/roles & responsibilities and I use the same email to get my H1B approved recently. So can I use that email as my client letter for stamping..?

    appreciate your help.



    1. Please go to my website:
      Just Click on the phrase
      “Join the WhatsApp Group “ and it will join you automatically and you can post your question and someone in the group will be able to help you.


  30. My visa interview was on Apr 1st, finger printing and 2nd stamping.

    The questions were
    1. asked my wife to show our marriage certificate
    2. Salary
    3. Job title and duties(in brief)
    4. master university and degree
    5. number of years with employer and current client
    6. asked if I was having I-140, did not ask to show it though
    7. They asked for client badge to a friend of mine(just fyi)

    It was a safe trip and the services by Salvador were great. everything was on time and done professionally. The breakfast at the hotel and good in general were great. The rooms given were great and the internet speed was also great.
    So, I would highly recommend Salvador’s services.


  31. Hi Salvador,
    Good Morning!
    I just want to know the latest available dates for visa stamping, can you please let me know the dates in April?


  32. I went for stamping on April 08-09.

    A big thank you to Mr. Castaneda and team for your assistance with visa fee payment, transportation and stay. You made it easier.
    I strongly recommend using their services if anyone planning to go to Matamoros for visa stamping and need help.

    My fellow applicants made the experience more fun and memorable. So thank you as well.

    Biometric was on April 08 which went easy. Then we went for shopping at the local mall there.

    Here’s from my consular visa interview on April 09.
    1. Visa officer asked for my education certificates.
    2. When was I granted US visa initially? Who applied?
    3. How long have you been working with current employer?
    4. Did you have any previous employers? When did you leave them? Proof (I gave experience letters).
    5. I-140 approval notice?
    6. Client letter? (I am employed full time so didn’t have it)
    7. My employer had a name change last year due to a merger. Visa officer asked for proof. (I gave certified merger document)
    8. Job designation proof (I gave my employment verification letter that has start date, salary and designation)
    9. Have you ever been to Dubai?
    10. Have you ever been to any middle eastern country?
    11. Are you involved in used car sales business or money transfer?
    12. Did anyone withheld payment from you?
    13. Visa was approved and passport can be collected on same day.

    Overall interview took about 15 minutes and was pleasant.

    Received passport after 3 pm.

    Keep 4 quarters with you to reenter US.

    Wait time port of entry at Brownsville was about 2 hours.

    Interview with officer:
    1. What is your employer’s business?
    2. Where do you live? address proof?
    3. I had Mexico visitor visa on my passport. So she asked about it.
    4. Paid the entry fee $6 and good to go.


  33. First of all I want to thank Mr. Salvador and his team for all the help. They are doing an Amazing service and helping us with critical week by week information about Visa Stamping Updates.

    So, here is my stamping experience

    I was having ASC appointment for Fingerprints on April 8 and Visa Appointment on April 9. I went to Matamoros for the third time and mine was H1b Transfer. My H1b Transfer was approved without I 94 because I traveled outside the country when the application was in progress so I received an I-797B.

    On the Day of the Interview, the following Questions were asked.

    1) What Company are you working for? I told them the new company.
    2) Why did my previous company? I told them because of the change of roles and responsibilities blah blah.
    3)How Long I have been in the united states ? Which is the location I will be working in?
    4) Do I approved I 140 ?
    5) Have I ever travelled to Middle Eastern Countries or North Korea?
    6) Do I deal with Used car sales or something?

    Then they said my Visa is approved and I collect my passport in the afternoon.

    Overall it was a very good experience. Thank you Salvador for all the help.


  34. A very big “Thank You” to Mr.Salvador and his team

    I went with my wife and 2 kids , He picked us from Brownsville helped in getting the 7 day pass at the border and dropped us at the hotel.
    Hotel is very good and the service at the hotel is great.
    Salvador and his team were with us all the time (ASC finger prints and visa interview , passport pickup,drop back in at the I94 office)
    I strongly recommend their service.
    Salvador and his team are very professional and friendly and polite.
    Salvador is very knowledgeable with the whole process.
    You are in safe hands, if you are with him.

    interview questions : 30th Apr 2019 Tuesday
    1. Who is your employer?
    2.Please show me your employment letter


  35. Hi Salvador, I checked this website content and nowhere mentioned that the nearest US airport location details. It would be great if you add that info in your website content also. So that, all folks will try to ask questions related to that in phone calls.


    1. You have to make your visa fee payment and then you will be receiving an automated email from the State Department.


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