1. Transfer money for U.S Visa Fee to our Chase account using https://www.zellepay.com  USE REFERENCE: salcas46@hotmail.com, and add your PIN number and Name to be able to identify your transfer.
    Payment Details:
    Amount: $
    Memo: Pin Number:                                            Name:


    If you bank is associated with Bank of America or chase or Citibank you can easily transfer online within your banking app using ZELLE. Also on ZELLE website http://www.zellepay.com check all the other banks which are part of ZELLE network. .

  2. Send the U.S. VISA APPLICATION FEE (MRV) as a PDF attachment to these e-mails (salcas46@hotmail.com)(contabilidad@bwplazamatamoros.com) & (gerencia@bwplazamatamoros.com) ONCE  WE CONFIRM YOUR TRANSFER , WE WILL PAY THE U.S. VISA FEE ON YOUR BEHALF AND WE WILL SEND YOU A COPY OF THE RECEIPT

Example: U.S. Visa Application Fee (MRV) Cash Payment Instructions

  • Cancellation policy :

  • If we receive your money and we have not paid your U.S. Visa Application fee (MRV) at the local bank,  there will be a cancellation fee of 8%

  • If  the U.S. Visa Application fee (MRV) payment is already made this is non-refundable by the U.S. Department of State as well our charges are not refundable.